At Marlowe Costumes we strive to supply excellent quality, clean costumes in a fun and friendly environment. With over 5000 costumes available for hire, ranging in sizes up to 24 for ladies and up to a 60" chest for men.

Can't find what you are looking for?  Give us a call on 01227 455133  -  email us at enquiries@marlowecostumes.co.uk  -  message us through facebook -  https://www.facebook.com/marlowecostumehire/ 

1950s Rock n Roll black Poodle Dress ~ Hire ~ Size 18

A great costume for 1950s day or evening.

 Black blouse and skirt with poodle motif.

Full petticoat, necktie and belt

 Size 18

Hire: £28.00
1970's Playsuit ~ Twilight ~ Metallic blue ~ Size 10

70's playsuit with key hole detail on the front in black and metallic blue. Includes hat and belt. Size 10.

Boots available to hire.

Hire: £22.00
Bearded Lady ~ Greatest Showman Victorian costume ~ Hire ~ Size 26 - 28

Beautiful Red Satin Dress.

Includes wig ( not photographed )- beard available to buy.

Size 26 - 28.

Makes a great couples costume when paired with one of our red tail coats and top hats

Hire: £30.00
Cowgirl Suede Jacket ~ western costume ~ Hire ~ Size 12

This is a superb quality cowgirl jacket.

Natural suede with fringing and indian beaded detail.

Size 12. 

Just add a pair of jeans.

Makes a great couples costume when paired with any of our cowboy costumes!

Hire: £30.00
Dorothy Fancy Dress ~ Sizes 8 and 12 ~ Oz ~ Hire


A lovely little costume.

Blue and white gingham boned corset that laces up the back.

Full skirt with net petticoat.

Decorated with Toto.

Sizes 8 and 12

Hire: £25.00
Dorothy Shoes ~ ruby slippers ~ Hire

Dorothy has such a following that we have had to get red glittery shoes in different styles and sizes.

Ranging from a small size 13 up to an adult 10.

  Just click those heels - " There's no place like Marlowe costumes"

Hire: £10.00
Emerald Envy ~ 1920s style flapper dress ~ Evening ~ Gatsby ~ Bugsy ~ Size 16-18 ~ Hire

Step back in time to the 1920s in this gorgeous flapper style dress.

Black lace dress completely covered in emerald green sequins and fringing. 

A pleasure to wear!

Comes with a black feather boa with irridescent green highlights

Size 16 - 18.

Hire: £28.00
Fagin ~ Hire ~ Oliver ~ Charles Dickens ~ Size 44" chest

This is a lovely battered costume suitable for Fagin. Long black tattered coat with black felt hat and holey gloves.

Wig available to buy.

Size 42" - 44" chest

Hire: £25.00
French Can Can ~ Fancy dress ~ Dancer ~ Showgirl ~ Hire ~ Size 12-14

Ooh La La!

Look Fabulous in this Red and Black Striped Dress, Petticoat and Mini Top Hat.

Size 12-14.

Hire: £28.00
Greatest Showman Costume Red Tailcoat set ~ Hire ~ Size various


Greatest Showman.

We love to build a costume to your specifications 

Red tailcoats, top hats and waistcoats available in various sizes.

Pair it with our bearded lady or a glittery showgirl costume

** Price quoted is for tailcoat only


Hire: £28.00
Ice Maiden ~ White Witch ~ Good Fairy costume ~ Hire ~ Size 6 - 8

Beautiful, delicate boned dress with sequin and crystal beading in a size 6.

Suitable for so many characters ~ from Narnia to cinderella

Hire: £30.00
Joseph Coat Hire ~ 44" ~ 46" chest and 36" chest

Beautiful Multicoloured Coat.

 Two coats available ~ Size XL 44-46"chest

 and S 36" chest - suitable for children up to 5ft 4"

Hire: £30.00

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