At Marlowe Costumes we strive to supply excellent quality, clean costumes in a fun and friendly environment. With over 5000 costumes available for hire, ranging in sizes up to 24 for ladies and up to a 60" chest for men.

Can't find what you are looking for?  Give us a call on 01227 455133  -  email us at enquiries@marlowecostumes.co.uk  -  message us through facebook -  https://www.facebook.com/marlowecostumehire/ 

18th Century Gown ~ Lilac and silver ~ Marie Antoinette ~ Hire ~ Size 14 ~ Pompadour ~ Glenda

 A bit of a fairytale dress.

Lilac and silver dress with bows and lace trim.

A great 18th century dress also ideal for Glenda from The Wizard of Oz.

Lightweight and easy to wear.

 Sizes 14

Hire: £30.00
18th Century Russet Frockcoat ~ Pirate ~ Hook ~ Prince ~ Hire ~ 50" chest ~ Georgian ~ Peter Pan

Russet velvet frockcoat with rust and black brocade waistcoat, black breeches, white lace jabot and sleeve frills and colonial socks..

Size 50" chest.

Tricorn hat, lappett wig, court wig, bucket boots, cavalier shoes ect available to hire seperately

Hire: £40.00
1920s Gangster Dress ~ Gatsby ~ bugsy ~ Hire ~ Size 12 ~ 14

Become a stylish member of the Mob in this pinstriped, drop waisted dress and Hat.

Size 12/14

Hire: £22.00
1950s Diner ~ American waitress ~ Fancy Dress ~ Hire ~ Sizes 8 to 14

Happy Days Diner.

Waitress costume from the 50s.

Pink satin with black trim dress, pinny, name badge and cap.

Available in sizes 8 to 14

Hire: £22.00
1950s Rock n Roll black Poodle Dress ~ Hire ~ Size 18

A great costume for 1950s day or evening.

 Black blouse and skirt with poodle motif.

Full petticoat, necktie and belt

 Size 18

Hire: £28.00
1960's / 1970's Hippy Dude ~ Woodstock ~ 44" chest ~ flower power

Hippy Dude. Flower power trousers and waistcoat with white tunic. Size 44" chest. Boots available to hire in various sizes and colours for £10. Or wear some flip flops.

Hire: £22.00
1960's / 1970's Hippy ~ Pyramid ~ Woodstock ~ 44" chest

Pyramid Hippy. Not for the faint hearted. This is a great costume, velour pyramid designed top and bright yellow trousers.

Boots available to hire in various sizes and colours for £10

Hire: £22.00
3 Amigos ~ spaghetti western ~ Hire ~ 40" / 44" / 46" chest

Three Amigos set.

Good quality costumes with huge hats.

They each have jacket, trousers, shirt, cummerband, jabot and hat.

Various sizes available.

Hire: £32.00
Alice Costume ~ Blue satin ~ Hire ~ Sizes 8 / 10 and 10 / 12

Alice costume.

This is a lovely quality character costume.

Pale blue satin dress with white lacey petticoat.

Crisp white cotton apron and matching Alice band.

Sizes 8 / 10  and 10 / 12

Hire: £25.00
Alice Costume ~ New style ~ Hire ~ Size 12 / 14

Alice costume.

This is a lovely quality character costume.

Similar to the dress in the latest film.

Pale blue embossed satin dress with white lace and black ribbon trim.

Sizes 12 / 14

Hire: £18.00
Alice Costume ~ Turquoise ~ Hire ~ Sizes 12 /and 14

Alice costume.

This is a lovely quality character costume.

Turquoise dress with white frilly petticoat.

Embroidery anglaise apron and matching Alice band.

Sizes 12 and 14

Hire: £22.00
Anakin Boys Costume ~ Space fancy dress ~ Hire ~ Age 5 - 6


Boys space character.

Jacket, Trousers, belt, arm / leg wraps and necklace.

Age 5 - 6

Hire: £10.00

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